Welcome to the House of Hearts!

The House of Hearts (HOH) is an annual celebrity curling bonspiel to raise money for local organizations in Duluth, MN. Donations go directly to the charity, not towards expenses or overhead. To date, we have raised over $475,000!

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Why participate in HOH?

Raise Money for a Good Cause

The proceeds from the 2018 HOH will be given to Project Joy's backpack program for child hunger. The program discretely puts a kit of food in a child's book bag each week.  It is a way to feed children over the weekend who might not have access to food in their homes, at a local meal program, or food shelf.

Curl with a Champion

When you participate in the House of Hearts you will be placed on a team that has a mix of amateurs and professional curlers.  There is an air of excitement in the rink.  The professional curlers that play in this spiel are excited to meet you and share the sport of curling.  You will be able to play along side each other and you may even learn a few tips!

17th Annual Event

The 17th House of Hearts will be our biggest and best HOH yet!  The planning committee has all kinds of surprises up their sleeves.  You don't want to miss it!

What people are saying about HOH...

It’s a lot of fun to play and hang out with really high-level curlers. Plus it’s just a fun spiel!

The first night….the excitement of picking teams…all of the people involved…making new friends…very well planned and has a great flow of fun events and fundraising.

It’s one big group/family party. Everyone is included and made to feel welcome. No one is left out.


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