About HOH

The House of Hearts is an annual celebrity curling bonspiel to raise money for local causes.

How much has been raised?

Congratulations to everyone who was a part of the 2018 House of Hearts. Together, we presented $78,610 raising our 17-year total to over $553,000!!! Your donations go directly to the charity, not towards foundation expenses or overhead.

What are we raising money for?

The House of Hearts Charity Bonspiel benefits Project Joy, a partner of Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank’s BackPack Program.

100% of your donations will help feed over 1,000 children a week in the region. The food is placed discretely in the child’s backpack to be brought home over the weekend. Backpack items include easy-to-prepare entrees, shelf-stable milk, fruits and vegetables, breakfast and snack items with an emphasis on nutrition. The backpacks are an efficient way to feed children who might not have access to food in their homes, at a local meal program or food shelf. For every $1 raised, Project Joy is able to provide about $10 in food.

Heart of the Spiel Award

Each year, the House of Hearts will show it’s appreciation to individuals that make a significant contribution towards the ongoing process of making this event so special.

The Beginning – Amy and Tim Wright
2002 – Steve Payette
2003 – George Karrys
2004 – Jeff Laundergan
2005 – Allison and Doug Pottinger
2006 – Joanne Docteur and Mike Rane
2007 – Brad Jensen, Mark Shubert, Jonathan Mead
2008 – Yvonne Patterson and Tiffany Litman
2009 – Ken and Mary Broman
2010 – Doug and Kris Cameron, Pal Trulsen
2011 – Barb Payette and Ann Swisshelm
2012 – Amy Fiskness and John Shuster
2013 – Renee Passal and Craig Brown
2014 – Joel Dietz, Joe & Kristin Polo, Frank McCourt
2015 – Kerry Hadiaris, Rich Ruohonen
2016 – Rodney Legault, Mike McDermid, Tom & Shana Vessel
2017 – Cindy Wood, Ben Womack, and Kay Nierengarten

2018 House of Hearts Committee

  • Tyler George
  • Kerry Hadiaris
  • Tony Lasky
  • Jeff Laundergan
  • Nancy Meisinger
  • Renee Passal
  • Barb Payette
  • Steve Payette
  • Chris Plys
  • Joe Polo
  • Kristin Polo
  • Shana Vesel

Special Helpers

  • Kay Neirengarden
  • Mary Shields
  • Mark Shubert
  • John Shuster
  • Tom Vesel

Past Champions


Northern Business Products

Craig Brown
Doug Cameron
Amy Gallagher
Robert Horton
2016Shawn Rojeski
Kelly Carr
Steven Trac
Regan Birr
2015Matt Hamilton
Claire Nordskog
Lauren Leckwee
Matt Wicklund
2014Joe Polo
Tom Brozic
Amy Swanoski
Derek Benson
2013Pete Fenson
Jeff Laundergan
Linda Christensen
Aaron Nelson
2012Craig Brown
Mary Broman
Darren Vogt
Mike McDermid
2011Chelsea Carey
Bridgette Perrizo
Matt Carlson
Jason Kraus
2010John Shuster
Regis Hadiaris
Courtney George
Nik Geller
2009Hammy McMillan
Paul Wojciak
David Pipho
Greg Doran
2008Craig Disher
Amy Wright
Doug Cameron
Andy Skildum
2007Kyle Werenich
Aileen Sormunen
Joe Roberts Jr.
Mary Gaidis
2006Crystal Rumberg
Jon Fiskness
Doug Cameron
Mike Thompson
2005Peter Corner
Lucy DeVore
Phil Gaudino
Tyler George
2004 John Mead
Marg Hackner
Kevin Cornwell
Chris Juntenen
2003Jon Mead
Jeanne Kurshoff
Bob Johansen
Phil DeVore
2002Tricia MacGregor
Kelly Sieger
Kevin Stevens
Carl Ball
2008 Infusion Therapy Pharmacy
2014 Private Infusion Therapy Patient Room
2014 Private Infusion Therapy Patient Room
2015 Patient Room in New Surgery Center
2015 Patient Room in New Surgery Center