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  • Register early to guarantee your spot: BEFORE 11:59pm CST on February 1st: $110 (Note: this is also the deadline for your ticket to be eligible for the TV drawing!), ON February 2 the price increases to $130
  • Entry fee is non-refundable, but it is transferrable
  • A complete entry and the entry fee will hold your spot in the event.  Entry fees must be in US Funds.
  • Entries received without a deposit will be considered invalid and will not hold a spot.
  • You will receive a confirming email once your complete entry and deposit are received, so please include your email address with your entry payment.
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Registration for the HOH is now closed. Please contact to be added to the waitlist.

Who’s Registered So Far?


Rhonda Gruba Duluth Curling Club
Eric Henderson  Wausau
Mike Farrell DCC
Kris Cameron DCC
Doug Cameron DCC
Alex Prisk DCC
Allan Veler MAdison
Joel Underwood Madison Curling Club
Ray Lopez Duluth curling Club
Marisa Menzel Madison
Mike Dietz Mapleton
Ryan Heikkila Duluth
Haley Wolf Duluth
Nicole Cain Duluth Curling Club
Tanner Hammerschmidt Duluth
Justin “TC” Laskowski rookie
Karen Hartung Duluth Curling Club
Jenna Enge Port Arthur CC
Anthony Scalzo Duluth Curling Club
Michelle Wirz Datooth, MN
Ricci Banyai Chaska Curling Center
Dave Somppi DCC
Andrew Wolf Chaska
Sue Wolf Chaska
Laurie Orbeck DCC
Matt Wicklund Duluth
Isabelle Maerki ACC
Paul Wojciak Duluth Curling Club
Rodney Legault Fort Rouge C.C.
Zachary Jolma Appleton Curling Club
Dylan Hagen C-ville
Korey Dropkin Duluth Curling Club
Nathan Sepp DCC
Scott Sepp DCC
Douglas Gandrud DCC
Aaron Nelson Duluth Curling Club
Lauren Leckwee Madison Curling Club
Mason Tikkanen Madison
Kristen Lee DCC
Rob Anderson Dcc
Nate Lehmann Duluth
Katie Jolma Appleton Curling Club
Laura Rosenboom St Paul
Steve Payette School of Rocks
Sara Shuster Duluth Curling Club
Sara Hendrickx DCC
Trevor Sundquist Superior Curling Club
Marva Beckman-Lasky Duluth Curling Club
Anthony Lasky Duluth Curling Club
Garrett Bunkowske Duluth Curling Club
Jake Mellinger Duluth
Kristin Polo Duluth Curling Club
Brian Hoff Duluth/Superior
David Temple Frogtown Curling Club
Allen Merry Philadelphia
Joel Dietz Madison Curling Club
Michael Kari Superior Curling Club
Mitchell Billings St. Paul Curling Club
Matthew Kane Curling Club of Houston
Robert Horton Columbus Curling Club
David Biel Arlington Curling Club
Zachary Vietanen DULUTH Curling Club
John Nordberg Duluth Curling Club
scott scheirbeck Duluth Rocks!
David Kurata Dakota curling
Emily Graham Lakeville
Ryan Mellinger DCC
Judith Mcleod Duluth
Dennis Friedrichsen Eau Claire Curling Club
Melinda Lindgren Marshfield
Carl Schaeper Curling Club of Houston
Kelley Warner Chaska, MN
Bob Zacher Chaska
Nick Helt Madison
Derek Benson St. Paul Curling Club
Jack Moores st. paul
Jed Bandle Duluth Curling Club
Sarah Bandle Duluth Curling Club
Shoshana Bush Hollywood
Asam Primack Hollywood
Todd Hammond Centerville
Mike McDermid Madison
Theran Michaelis Madison Curling Club
Connor mcleod duluth curling club
Tyler Vietanen Centerville
Laura Johnson Chaska Curling Center
Shawn Banyai Chaska Curling Center
Corey Brown Coyotes Curling Club
Olivia Stella Coyotes Curling Club
Patrick Duffy Hollywood Curling
Jordan Egbertson Hollywood Curling
Marie Paolantonio Hollywood Curling
Cindy Wood Hollywood
Larry Lieberman Hollywood Curling
Tom Paolantonio Hollywood Curling

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